Welcome to Clarity

Work Based Learning Training Provider

Clarity Education (UK) Limited was established by professionals in 2008 offering educational services. Since its conception, Clarity has expanded further, offering a wide range of qualifications to all business sizes.

About us

Clarity is in partnership with a number of colleges, is directly funded by the Skills Funding Agency and has over 1500 Apprentices on programme at any point in time.

For Apprentices, the overall success rate for 2014/2015 was 85.8%, much higher than the national average.

The Clarity ethos is that regular training and learning opportunities offered to employees not only helps employees to prosper and develop their careers but also gives businesses a highly skilled workforce and a competitive advantage in the market. Employees become empowered and motivated, confident and valued, and generally more satisfied in their jobs, thus decreasing the occurrence of work-related stress and improving the overall work environment.

Our core values

  • Best quality training and learning
  • Friendly, honest and professional
  • High performance and achievement
  • Safe and socially inclusive environment

Clear Thinking in Education

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